Video: What happens if I make a mistake and put petrol in a diesel? And what about diesel in a petrol? Fifth Gear has the answer

According to the RACE, each year, more than 50,000 drivers are wrong when you refuel, and recharge the tank of your diesel with petrol, or the tank of your gasoline car with diesel fuel. The figures are somewhat surprising, about a relatively common problem which causes many cars to end up in the workshop. That was the reason that led to the computer of the television program Fifth Gear do a test so interesting and peculiar. What’s going to happen when you are fueling a diesel with gasoline? How and when do the own repostando a petrol with diesel?

it is best to prevent, and not have to heal. In any case the important thing is to stop the motor and bring the car in as soon as possible to a workshop, to avoid greater evils.

Needless to say is of vital importance that we be cautious before refuelling, that you check always twice the hose that we take, and the fuel that requires the car, on which we are repostando. An oversight has any, that is so. We have to be especially cautious if the mouth of the hose does not fit properly. Also those that at home we have cars with different fuels, or for work we move interchangeably with vehicles, diesel and gasoline.

In Fifth Gear wanted to carry this experiment to its last consequences. That is to say, to get to the point at which the driver has filled in, has paid, has not noticed the error, and has resumed the march with her car. What will happen?

If you expect cars in flames, camshafts despedaz├índose under the hood, and other disasters for the style, maybe you have been disappointed. The consequences do not always have to be so serious, especially in cars with a mechanical unsophisticated, such as those used in this test. According to the amount at refueling, and the mixture that has been produced in the tank (won’t be the same refuel 10 liters of gasoline-about 40 litres of diesel fuel, to refuel 40 liters of petrol in a diesel with the deposit on the reservation), problems can start to be seen a few kilometres after refuelling.

In modern vehicles, and according to the fuel ratio wrong which we filled, the consequences can be much more severe than those seen in this video, affecting above all to filters, injectors, pumps, catalysts, etc.

If the error we have already committed, the best we can do is to call a crane and send our car to a workshop as soon as possible. Stop the train as soon as the car begins to behave abnormally, or does not turn on the engine if we had the relative luck of being aware of the error prior to booting.

Source: Fifth Gear
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