Video: when Toyota released the Supra in 1993, Best Motoring pitted him against the best of Japan

Toyota Supra is one of those cars japanese mythical. Their latest generation – known by its internal code A80 – was released in 1993, although some units have already been manufactured in 1992. The Toyota Supra we have already spoken in our special on the best sports japanese of the 90’s, so there we send for more data and technical information. Today we take a trip back in time, to a battle on a track in the Best Motoring pitted the then-new Supra against the best of Japan.

The 90s were a golden decade for the car japanese high-performance. Just a decade perfect.

Without a doubt, the engine is the more impressive of the Toyota Supra was the powerful 2JZ-GTE, a six-cylinder in-line supercharged by two turbochargers. A block hard as a rock – that was also offered in a version with atmospheric 220 HP – whose maximum power was 280 HP. Many agreed that the power that passed the train back through your manual change was slack the figure of 300 HP. With a weight of less than 1,500 pounds, and a tune-up, delicious, the Supra was one of the sensations of the decade.

deportivos-miticos-japon-90s-39But the true test was the battle of Best Motoring in the circuit of Tsukuba, in which it would face not a few “coconuts” of the japanese industry in the car. Not only the Supra engine with 280 HP was included in the comparison, also what was the Above atmospheric – known as the Supra SZ – who was your biggest rival at home: a Toyota MR2 SW20 with 221 HP and mid-engine rear. The older brother of the Supra SZ had a competition much tougher in the starting grid.

A Honda NSX, a Honda NSX-R – the version focused on circuit, the more powerful and lightweight – as well as a Mazda RX-7 and a Nissan Skyline GT-R R33. They all had 280 HP of power, although drawn from engines very different, and transmitted to the ground so uneven. The battle was on circuit had the extra added bonus of a firm entirely flooded water, with only the Nissan Skyline GT-R, enjoying all-wheel drive. But the outcome of the battle and the best time per lap maybe I surprised.

Although the Honda NSX-R recorded the fastest lap time during the battle, failed to pass the third position. The Nissan Skyline GT-R and Honda NSX was fought over laps the leadership, in part quite influenced by the position of the output. The Toyota Supra got the second best lap time equipped with the engine 2JZ-GTE, and it’s surprising to see the low position of the Mazda RX-7, with times identical to the two Toyota less powerful than the battle. Interesting conclusions to draw from here.

Yes, the Supra had the reputation of being “culón” and “heavy”, but in this video we demonstrate how fast he was despite his reputation. Also builds the reputation of the NSX, Ferrari japanese piloted with a master’s degree are scalpels relentless. Deep respect also to the piloting of the japanese, who in all times have maintained the composure of their mounts, despite the flooded track.