Vietnam is postulated as a candidate to host a Grand Prix F1


After the goodbye of Malaysia to the Formula 1 after 19 seasons racing in an uninterrupted manner, Liberty Media has confirmed that conversations with the authorities of Vietnam with the intention of checking the different possibilities available to perform a Grand Prix so that would mean another appointment asian for the highest category of motorsport.

The new directive of the huge circus already hinted at their lines of action during the press conference extraordinary that were granted in the week of the Grand Prix of Canada, with Chase Carey and Sean Bratches, commercial director of Formula 1, admitting that they would be willing to extend the current schedule to 25 races as a stop. Hanoi would be one of the locations proposals to come to Sepang, that will cover the vacuum hole asian.

renewal of the Chinese Grand Prix until 2020 demonstrates the interest of these leaders to strengthen the panorama east, probably due to the rise of such a market, in a move that launched Bernie Ecclestone but that ended up leaving, stating that they already had too many races in Asia.

Bratches said that the number of cities that are beginning to offer to host a weekend of Formula 1 is increasing, but the conditions to be adhered to to be able to achieve it are somewhat extensive, so you should analyze each of the options thoroughly.