View Toyota C-HR, first impressions

I’ve traveled to Milan to learn to scoop the inside of the awaited SUV from Toyota. Only four Spanish journalists have been able to see it, touch it and chat with the development team. The Toyota C-HR will begin its pre-sale in September and is built on the new Global architecture Toyota’s TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). The exterior is well known, keeping the risky features of the design concepts that had come with his appearance, now we are interested in your interior.

With the idea of seducing new buyers, the C-HR is supported by three pillars, a design eye-catching exterior, a quality interior first-class and excellent feel to the steering wheel (later we will see, all of this reinforced by the hybrid approach, which will be the first and probably the only version that comes to our country. If sales go well do not rule out in the future to expand the range of engines with a version of 1.2 petrol. It is rumored the possibility of a sport version, for now just rumors.


With Kazuhiko Isawa before exchanging impressions

The project leader, Kazuhiko Isawa, tells us that the attractiveness of the C-HR resides in its dynamic aspect, looking powerful and slender thanks to the contrast of its lateral surfaces with the wheel arches and with a roof collapse is unprecedented in the segment. Wheels 17 or 18 inches and the possibility of including painting duotones, finished off a picture that is intended to draw the attention of all who see it.

the interior of The Toyota c-HR is built on the basis of two main points, it would have to transmit a fresh, sensual and also not leave aside the technological aspect and connectivity. Do you get everything that is proposed? The step forward is evident.

An interior designed for the European

The european team perceived quality of Toyota is focused to awareness in the quality of the components of the passenger compartment. As a result we have all the surfaces with which we interact conveys a pleasant feeling, and I am referring to the texture and thickness of the steering wheel (premium brand) the appearance of the dashboard and the detail of the finishes on the doors and seats.


Toyota C-HR, media screen, showing data of batteries

Obviously, the multimedia screen of 8 inches is quite a claim to our gaze. In comparison to the other systems of Toyota gives the impression that this works with a more fluid, and also includes interesting possibilities, how to integrate various applications by connecting to the internet using our mobile phone will be able to download information from Google, the state of the real-time traffic information and our profiles on social networks in addition to listening to the radio in streaming. In addition, if we put a route in the browser, the screen may share information with these applications.

we can Not ignore their seats of sporty style with integrated head restraints that despite wrap the lumbar area are comfortable thanks to their padded and collect the body to avoid slippage of the binding curves, a declaration of intentions.

Also has details in black piano, especially in the module of the climate control which buttons are grouped by functionality. The first impression is certainly positive.


Toyota C-HR, habitability rear seats

In the rear seats will travel comfortably 2 passengers and, as is common in the segment, a third party would have a space set for travel. Despite its sloping roof I organized in the rear seats without touching the head on the ceiling, I measure 1.8 metres and there was still a bit of margin to rozarlo.

has No central armrest for the passengers, but if a magazine rack in the back of the front seats.As a curiosity, to comment that the roof of the Toyota C-HR has a decorative pattern of diamonds and that due to the position of the handle of the door, the moon of the rear passengers is slightly displaced forward, toward the pillar B.

If you sit in the rear seats and turn the neck 90 degrees toward the window, the C-pillar will cover it completely the vision, but quiet does not feel claustrophobic.

As we advance the compact SUV from Toyota will have different levels of equipment, although the series has a full complement in the field of security.

First impressions

After meeting him in person and chat with their creators, saco clear that Toyota wants to seduce, be that as it may, customers of the old continent. To do this you better make a product 100% european according to our demands.

A correct melting of concepts

In the absence of comparison with other models equivalent, our protagonist manages to melt in the plane of the aesthetic two concepts that may seem counter posts: a sporty look with capricious forms without compromising the functionality and habitability of the interior, especially the height to the ceiling is well resolved.

370 litres of luggage capacity are not to throw rockets but in most cases has enough capacity.


Toyota C-HR details of finishes

on the other hand, the connectivity and access to the network of networks is fully integrated in the multimedia system and can extend the functionality by adding applications that allow us to know the traffic conditions, the weather forecast and the location of the radar traffic.

On paper all the ingredients to guarantee the success of the model that will be priced between the Auris Touring Sports, available from 23.470 euros and the Toyota RAV4, since 27.950 € .