Vin Diesel leaves us with the first advance from the eighth delivery of all gas

a-todo-gas-8plenty Of know that the latest installment of the saga known as full-throttle, Fast and Furious 7, has not closed this series. The same Vin Diesel, one of the main actors, us and who has revealed the first step the new film, already confirmed last year that it would fill the screen of cars, action and special effects as we are accustomed. Equally, we know that a large part of the deal usual will be present, in addition to knowing the city is the protagonist of the new film. A novelty that comes to us thanks to the poster that Diesel has posted on his instagram on Fast and Furious 8.

The city chosen to film the majority of scenes in the film is New York. Really, we knew this change of scenery a few months ago, but now it is confirmed with the image that is the header of the post. On the address, the person in charge of moving the baton on this occasion will be F. Gary Gray, taking on the role of James Wan enjoyed on the seventh delivery. In regard to the distribution, we will see the known as “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson, and Kurt Russell, who premiered in the previous installment.

One of the most famous scenes of the entire gas 7

For the moment little else is known of all gas 8, a film that we will not be able to see up to April 2017. Some sources claim that the exact date of the premiere is scheduled on the 14th of that month, although it is a fact that it is still early to confirm. On the other hand, the latest rumors claimed that the saga Fast and Furious ending with this eighth movie, an idea that has already been dismissed outright confirming that not only is project a more, but is expected to reach up to ten the aftermath of this successful series, .

so soon to wait, and a good time. We know that this advancement is not that we do not quench, is that it gives us even more thirsty. You have to be patient until finally the time comes to return to see how they inundate the movie burning rubber smell.

Source – Vin Diesel Instagram