Vin Diesel tantea the return of Paul Walker in the saga of “A todo gas”


According to the foreign press, the brothers of Paul Walker can make a reality of the return of the Brian O’connor to the saga of the “all gas”. When you die the producer of the movies and own Vin Diesel have been talking with Cody and Caleb Walker to see if there is the possibility that the character played by his sadly deceased brother back to the big screen.

As you already know, actor Paul Walker died three years ago during a controversial accident in a Porsche Carrera GT in which he was passenger while his friend Roger Rodas was driving. As the last delivery was still to be finished filming his brothers, of great physical resemblance, helped to end the tape. The saga gave the last movie a worthy termination to both the character, that he is still alive and retired from that style of life in fiction, as the actor.

According to the declaration of the brothers Walker, Caleb ensures that was talking about more than an hour with Vin Diesel on a possible re-emergence of Brian in the remaining deliveries, while Cody says that at all times the intentions of the producer and of Vin are to make your return to reality with the utmost respect to the late actor, as well as to his image and his family.

By the time there is no official confirmation about the return of the character only the clear interest on the part of its producers to do so. You can see Brian return to the saga of action and cars as a character or simply in a rapid onset of face to close the story completely.

Recall that you are already confirmed the 8th delivery (April 14, 2017), the next, the 9th (April 19, 2019) and 10th (April 2, 2021), being this last one which will be released in 2021, the – point and end of the whole saga.

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