Viper GTS 710R, more power to the american Geiger

Dodge-ViperThe SEMA of this year 2015 has left us a good number of preparations of all kinds. Some companies taught us prototypes that will surely come to advance special editions, other preparers on changes we presented their latest works, or even several brands have dared in this edition to the rescue of the mythical models of the past. Although this room of the tuning has already been closed, we still come with interesting preparations. As of Geiger, who present us with the Viper GTS 710R.

The coach has been believed to modify both the (aesthetic as the mechanical. And is that, although a few may think that this model needs a touch more radical, for Geiger, it seems that nothing is enough. At the exterior have been chosen to mount a kit more aerodynamic that teaches various elements in carbon fiber. In this way we can point to some accessories such as the front spoiler for sportier appearance, the side skirts, the radical rear diffuser or the spoiler mounted at the back which comes to give a subtle touch to the set.

Dodge-Viper-2The changes made in the section that has to do with the image are an important part of the preparation, but certainly the most interesting of the Viper GTS 710R is what is hidden in their entrails. Of series, this monster of the road has a powerful engine V10 of 8.4 liters able to develop 643 horse power. After passing through the hands of Geiger, the mechanics get to raise this figure up to the 710 HP in addition to encrypting the couple in some incredible 861 Nm.

of course, for this Viper to digest properly the modifications, Geiger uses a suspension that reduces the height and improves the dynamic capabilities of the vehicle. Also “shim” the Viper GTS 710R with tire dimensions 295/30 at the front and 355/30 at the rear. Not to mention that in the front we have wheels of 18 inches and in the rear 19. And is that clear, you will understand that we need security when we have a acceleration 0-100 km/h in only 2,9 seconds and a maximum speed of 341 km/h.

Dodge-Viper-5The price of this update reaches up to 22,500 euros.

Source – Geiger