Virtual reality: a change for the future of F1

Chica con gafas de RV puestas virtual reality is becoming more and more fashionable. The maturity of current digital technology is making VR practicable and each time the experience that it offers to improve more with the advance of this technology. Is already in use, not only in the field of digital entertainment, but also in other sectors, such as the treatment of phobias by virtual exposure to the focus of anxiety, or to continue to the drones radio controlled racing of them.

Due to its importance, many manufacturers have wanted to join to this market because of its potential for the future. It is the case of AMD putting his graphic power in the service of the RV, Google, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Valve or Microsoft (Hololens), it has even given way to new companies focused solely, exclusively, to the field of VR as Oculus VR, the latter known for the development of the famous virtual reality goggles Oculus Rift.

Mecánicos instalando cámara de 360º en Williams F1

Installing camera 360 in Williams

But… what would happen if this technology takes the viewer out of the F1? Well, according to Martin Sorrell, is the future of the competition, adopt this technology so that the user can simulate the steering of a vehicle, walking through the pits within any team, etc, A business that this member of the board of shareholder CVC Capital Partners (the current owner of the rights of F1) along with Bernie Ecclestone, have seen a good gold mine to exploit. More virtual content to offer and by the receivable rights.

Williams has already experimented with this technology this year and has offered short RV with their cameras attached to the cars to offer an experience of 360 degrees, or the possibility of walking through the garage from home or from the stands (content that has been seen in the Sky). That’s why Sorrell cre “virtual reality for the Formula 1 can be fantastic” and remember the movie by Ridley Scott, Mars, which uses this type of technology. Sorrell has announced that the RV will come big to the F1, so will have to see what the future holds…