Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, 750 HP of pure exclusivity dazzles in Paris


The German company, surprising everyone with the eccentric Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, a vehicle that pays homage to the coupes of yesteryear reinterpreting their lines and take them as base to create this wonder that mix the design of a bygone era with the technology of the future. This boast of beauty and technology is equipped with an electric propulsion system that produces 750 HP of pure exclusivity without emissions.

The practice of design of Mercedes-Maybach is a coupe nearly 6 meters long (5,700 mm) configuration 2+2. Its silhouette is that of a sporty as before: endless bonnet, the cabin very late and prominent fall from the ceiling. All a tribute to the aero coupes of the past, those that did not require additives to maintain an effective aerodynamic except the sensuality of the curves of your body.


This ostentatious sports has details that you were not able to escape like that, insinuating behind that reminds us to a luxury yacht, the small rear window split in two, with diffuser in aluminium or the exhaust outlets positioned behind the wheel. His body is decorated with a special paint Maybach of red tone that accentuates details thanks to the chrome as the lines of the hood that extend across the waist, fins, sills, outline the windows, and lag behind, not to mention its large main grille of vertical lines.

The past meets the future in this vehicle thanks to the great technology that equips board. To begin, highlight the attractive LED lights, all of them sharp, and especially elongated and positioned horizontally at the back to further accentuate the width of the vehicle. wheels of 24 inches are based on the prototype Mercedes IAA Concept with a glazed surface of a red colour that covers the tires but that allows you to see through the spokes of the same.


To finalize the details of the exterior the three-pointed star has equipped this four-seat coupe with doors type gull wings. An item that previously joined sporting very spaced in time, such as the Mercedes 300 SL and Mercedes-AMG SLS. A system that facilitates access to the vehicle in a very exclusive while working in an attractive design and is compatible with the camera system that replaces the classical mirror mirror.

Your car has a design of 360 degrees that envelops the driver and passengers. The whole interior has a beauty simplistic with the materials of the most exquisite taste and quality. The multimedia system is integrated with information from all angles, including above the windshield. Highlights in addition to the tunnel-floating centre that shows the flow of electrical energy to its occupants. It has two loading areas, one in front and another behind, which hides a set of specially designed accessories for the vehicle, and holes for fixtures of utility.

High-tech zero emissions

From its conception was designed as a 100% electric vehicle and with capabilities for movement autonomous. Equipped with a drive system consisting of four compact electric motors synchronous, each one of them takes care of to move one of the wheels providing a four wheel drive.

the total power of The set is 750 HP, which in combination with a package of batteries 80 kWh located under the floor is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds, circular speeds of up to 250 km/h limited electronically and go to 500 km according to the cycle NEDC.

The charge of their batteries can perform in power outlets common, in the public right of way and wirelessly through magnetic induction. Your system supports a load capacity of up to 350 kW which would allow it to travel up to 100 km more with so only 5 minutes of power.