Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, it is revealed your front with this second advance

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 - teaser frontal

Second teaser of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 before his debut in Pebble Beach.

less than a week Ago we did echo of the first teaser published by Mercedes-Benz on an interesting prototype that bears the stamp of Maybach and that we will see in the Contest of Elegance of Pebble Beach 2016. Well, it is now revealed is a large part of its front thanks to this second teaser, which has published the signature of the star. A prototype that will receive the name of Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6.

there is Hardly a couple of days to get out of doubts and to know finally what is new in what I have been working with the guys of Mercedes-Maybach. A conceptual model that will show us the ultimate expression of the luxury and exclusivity of the signature, accompanied by a design very emotional that transmit many feelings to attend this event. Yes, during these days has been talking a lot the size of this concept. And is that measured 6 meters long.

With this measure, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 will stand as a model longer than the Mercedes-AMG GT or the Mercedes Class S. In this latter case, it exceeds 80 inches. The difference will be remarkable. A coupe with a nose endless silhouette purely sporting with reminiscences to the time more gold in the automotive sector.

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If we look closely in this second teaser, we find a wide chrome grille with blades vertical, a pair of headlights LED technology or the flagship Maybach at the top of the grid. Another detail to take into account are the side-view mirrors so small, something that makes us think we will have a system of cameras in place of a few mirrors traditional.

For the moment, and as we already anticipate, it is too early to venture that it is going to be produced, however, there are already reports circulating the net that speak of a more than possible production, although limited to a reduced number of units.

Although just a few days for its implementation over in Pebble Beach, moment we do not know the mechanics that spur to this “boat with wheels”. If well, already there are those who point to that in your gut there will be a hybrid system of the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz. A nod to the future electrified the brand that very soon you will pass through the sub-brand Mercedes EQ.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 - teaser frontal modificado

The teaser released by Mercedes-Benz modified the for more details.

By the way, since we are talking about the future Mercedes-Maybach, it seems to me very interesting to remember
the information that we published not too long ago and in which we pointed out
the possibility of getting to see an SUV of Mercedes-Maybach would no longer be for
nothing crazy. Are we facing a new wave of models? It is more than possible.