Vitesse AuDessus already offers carbon fiber wheels, but cost € 8,000 each


At a price that amounts to 32 thousand euros for a full game, rims in carbon fiber Vitesse AuDessus weighs only 6 kg


Vitesse Audessus Llantas en fibra de carbono V itesse AuDessus is a company that specializes in manufacturing parts in carbon fiber as to customize supercars. Now they began to offer tires produced by this same material with very low weight .

At the moment carbon fiber wheels are a rarity and Ford promises to return them something popular in his Mustang Shelby GT350R. But for the moment those who want this accessory should use Vitesse AuDessus , who developed carbon fiber wheels constructed in one piece, produced with processes derived from those used by Formula 1 teams as they use a woven carbon fiber through use of an autoclave and aluminum molds, manage weighs only 6 kilograms per tire .

By now its price is prohibitive for ordinary mortals.

offer exactly the same tires at the factory to bring Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Aston Martin, McLaren, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes Benz and BMW , but not made of carbon fiber. They can build a customized, but at a higher price. In comparison, using the tires Ford Mustang GT350R , which is also made up of carbon fiber but the company Carbon Revolution, are priced at 14 000 euros for the full game, but weigh 1 kilogram more each.

Its low weight, ensures that helps lower rotational inertia and improve the suspended mass. This allows among other things an improvement in acceleration values, improves steering behavior, grip and reduce stopping distance and reduce the level of noise entering the passenger compartment.

Of course, the cost of 32 000 euros for the full game , located far from the average user, but could become a cherished accessory for owners of superdeprtivos that reach or exceed one million euros. Of course, by now the only official images are three-dimensional graphics.


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