Vivian Rosberg: “This year has been exceptionally hard”


The annual gala of the FIA served to learn the news bomb of the season, as Nico Rosberg announced on the same his decision to leave Formula 1. To the amazement of all, the German pilot reported that he had made the decision to return to his family part of the sacrifice that had been made so that he could focus exclusively on getting to be World Champion despite having been a father in August 2015.

in this regard, Vivian Rosberg he explained his presence in one’s own gala, the extraordinary effort that your husband has done this season, after two years unsuccessful in front of Lewis Hamilton, to get the world title. “I have to say that this year was exceptionally hard, Nico really put your heart in it, trained harder than ever, was more disciplined than ever, so I’m really happy for him and very proud also for having taken this step at this point of his career”.

Nico Rosberg said at the time of announcing his retirement that it was not able to return to take on the challenge of preparing for the competition and that, having the mentality of a winner, he preferred to retire before they compete with less commitment. To the interviewer’s question to Vivian Rosberg on if he was pleased by the decision of Nico, the interior designer of 31 years, joked to then admit that, actually, it was a decision that made her happy. “Removed, it sounds very old! Are we old now? Yes, I’m happy, very happy”.