VLF Rocket V8: Mustang carbon and 735 HP Fisker reappears


Lots of carbon fibre and 735 HP.

In 2014 it reappeared Henrik Fisker featuring a Mustang heavily transformed in the Hall of Detroit done in collaboration with Galpin Auto Service (GAS). With the name Rocket, this would be built and marketed by GAS, but now we will meet again in Detroit, 2017 and presented by VLF Automotive.

VLF is the project trying to market the old Fisker Karma, now Karma Revero, with a V8 engine of origin General Motors, and that Fisker joined recently. These will be presented in Detroit this Mustang heavily modified which will be on sale for $ 120,000.

At the exterior we find a strong modification of their lines, with a front in the grill takes on a new presence, of larger size and more aggressive. We find new air inlets on the sides and in the hood, as well as in the side, cleverly integrated with the bass line and waist.


The interior is lined completely in leather.

The transformation is not just cosmetic, the whole body is done in carbon fiber and the chassis has been heavily revised to deal with the new performance. The section on brakes and suspension has been properly set up, the customer can even find more options of items to be able to also useful to tune to taste, as the Brembo brakes are optional. The new mechanics is a supercharged V8 that is capable of delivering up to 735 HP (725 hp), therefore, the potential of the Rocket V8 is considerable.

The passenger compartment is also deeply modified, we now have a skin covering integral, which covers from the Recaro seats to the center console and the door panels, giving a much more luxurious that you can find in any Mustang standard. The finishing touches add the inserts in carbon fibre that we find in different points.

From $ 120,000, you can access the VLF Rocket V8, which in addition is also available in an open body. The price includes even the Mustang based on that which is done the transformation, so the price is a package closed. The standard transmission is always manual, while an optional automatic gearbox.