VLF X Series: The most rare that you can see in Detroit 2017 is this strange SUV


The prototype most mysterious of Detroit.

among all the presentations and new models that have been able to see the COBO Center in Detroit, the new X Series of VLF Automotive is without a doubt the most unexpected and surprising. In the first place because it was not announced in any way and ultimately because of their strange ways have left the mouth open to more than one.

The VLF X Series is a sort of full-size SUVS that seems to have inherited the forms of the extinct Hummer. A body exaggeratedly square and linear, which goes completely against the DNA of the brand, designed by Henrik Fisker.

In the same way that VLF is not warned with any kind of teaser this presentation, unlike as used to do, nor have they offered not a single detail of the new model in a formal way. The mastodóntico SUV simply is exposed in the center of your stand, so that we do not know how to interpret it.


VLF presenting all their models in their booth, whose main piece was the X Series.

we do not Know even his own nature. We do not know if it is a concept, a design study, a prototype that anticipates a future model, a one-off requested by a client or a personal vehicle of the company or is developed from an existing model?.

we Understand that such and as used, have been taken as a donor, another model for developing this, in the same way that under the Force 1 is located a Viper or the Target takes the now defunct Fisker Karma. But the information of the company for the time being is still low. For the moment, both the website and the social networks of the brand are focused even in the rest of the products in the catalog.

Although the most curious of the model is precisely its appearance. far from the usual organic shapes and subtle design details that Fisker is usually to print all your creations, the X Series shows the opposite. Not only is it gross in appearance, but its lines and details are coarse and gross, with stickers instead of emblems, and above all, an image that seems modelled on that of other models of the past. as soon as we have more data we will expand this información.