Volinco responsible to 20,000 Saab 9-3 electric NEVS


NEVS and Volinco have signed an agreement of cooperation (pending final signature) for both companies to benefit each other. NEVS will provide 20.000 9-3-electric that will be used as company cars by Volinco, and this last will provide electric motors, control systems and other key pieces.

The agreement has a value of more than 900 million euros, is the second large order that has NEVS, after an order of 150,000 cars also for China. The assembly will begin in Trollhättan (Sweden) and will be completed in China, from 2017. Possibly not wearing the insignia of the brand Saab, due to problems with the owner of the intellectual property, Saab AB.

NEVS is erecting a factory on chinese soil, but will not be operational until 2020. The product plans of NEVS include a compact, two cars, medium-sized and the other larger, almost all crossover (that is what best sells).

With this agreement NEVS ensures the suppliers for electrical components, which had not yet. The Saab 9-3, based on the platform Phoenix of General Motors, refuses to die once more. In fact, your contemporary, the Saab 9-5 of the previous generation, marketed -under license – in China as a new car, the BAIC C70G.