Volkswagen abandoned the slogan “Das Auto” to clean up their image, what should be your new slogan?

The scandal Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group is far from being solved, but the company is already taking action in the matter for the public to go forgetting this stain on its history. Their sales have dropped considerably in several countries – especially the US and the Uk – and the crisis of confidence generated by the TDI souped-up will be a shadow that will last for years. One of the first changes in the image of Volkswagen is to leave the slogan “Das Auto” by other less pretentious.

Volkswagen wants to leave behind the days of absolutist Martin Winterkorn and Ferdinand Piëch.

I am Not the one that says “Das Auto” is pretentious, to say the own leaders of the Volkswagen Group. In a closed-door meeting with more than 2,000 managers from all over the world, the CEO of the mark – Herbert Diess, previously CEO Audi – has announced that Volkswagen looking for a new slogan. “Das Auto” means, literally, The Car, with uppercase. It is a slogan in force since the year 2007, in the reign Martin Winterkorn and Ferdinand Piëch. Many consider this slogan a product of times past to forget.


corporate culture of fear Winterkorn and Piëch has been the cause of the Dieselgate to a large extent, and therefore, all traces must be removed from the new Volkswagen Group, including its slogan. The focus of this meeting of 2,000 managers has been focused on the brand Volkswagen. The rest of brands of the Volkswagen Group affected by the scandal of the TDI – SEAT, Audi and Skoda – they should see your modified image. We asked what slogan will be employed by Volkswagen from now on.

Das Auto has been a slogan that has become a victim of hundreds of memes and mockery on the Internet.

What is certain is that “Das Auto,” fell prey to the Internet, and the hundreds of memes that were created after the scandal of the TDI souped-up. It is only logical that Volkswagen would want to dissociate their image from a slogan already shattered. The new slogan – not yet known – will be gradually introduced in the markets of Volkswagen at the global level. According to the brand, the new slogan should demonstrate transparency, humility, and the future vocation of developing electric cars, and efficient, friendly environmentally.


also At this meeting has spoken of a future that is more transparent to the Group, leaving behind the inscrutability of the past years and the rigid corporate culture of Winterkorn. The corporate communication of the brand has also changed its tone, from an initial negative to some of the accusations to a collaboration more proactive, to the point of giving a press conference two hours explaining what had happened. Now only affected vehicles are repaired, and the public begins to forget the scandal.

Source: Automotive News
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