Volkswagen admits that 800,000 cars (not just diesel) would have manipulated their consumption and official emissions of CO2

More problems for Volkswagen, more uncertainty about what will happen in the coming months, and more doubts about their engines. And much eye, because in this case not only we talk about the diesel. After the crisis of the fraud of the TDI of four cylinder, , EPA announced that it had detected a new case of manipulation in the diesel six-cylinder (3.0 TDI V6), a charge that Volkswagen denied. And just a few hours later of this new news, Volkswagen admits that the engines not only would have manipulated certification of NOx emissions. Volkswagen recognizes irregularities in the approval of a consumption and CO2.

1. ¿what is this new irregularity? According to Volkswagen, it would have detected that both the consumption and emissions of CO2, are unusually low during the approval process. It would be the first time that they detect a problem that concerns something more than the emissions of NOx, which in reality were the source of all the problems facing the group automobile German and their brands.

2. What vehicles would be affected? Although with this official announcement, Volkswagen intends to make clear its intention to collaborate, and to improve their transparency, we just know that there are around 800,000 vehicles are affected. It is also important to remember that, after the scandal of the NOx, this is the first time that you will find that there are also affected gasoline engines. In any case, Volkswagen ensures that most of the affected are diesel.


  • 3. How has detected the irregularity? The honesty of Volkswagen is in question, which both the authorities, as the research teams own internal brand, working to find new cases of manipulation of emissions in the engines of the Volkswagen Group. In this case, it would have been the own brand which has found the problem. And, given the possibility that the case out to the fore, Volkswagen has recognized the problem, by way of a show of good faith. Matthias Müller, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, warned that the only alternative that has the brand now is to clarify, without a break, all irregularities that may have been committed over these years.

    4. What consequences will it have? For a start, Volkswagen believes that according to his estimates, this new case handling will cost them 2,000 million euros. That’s almost a third of the amount that the mark had provisioned to solve the fraud of the NOx and TDI four-cylinder.

    That is not all. In terms of the magnitude of this new case-handling approvals, we could find ourselves with certain problems that go beyond the fact that some customers driving vehicles with fuel consumption higher than a priori should offer. Depending on the CO2 in Spain have been awarded grants, the Ministry of Industry has already said to want to recoup with the scandal of the NOx. In function of that CO2, there is also the possibility that some vehicles have paid a Registration Tax less than they were entitled to. And the latter can have additional consequences, both in Spain and in many countries in which the tax lien depends on precisely the CO2.

    In the final. More of a problem – and a really important problem – for the Volkswagen Group.

    Source: Volkswagen
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