Volkswagen AG could be planning on getting rid of the Ducati

Ducati sede - Volkswagen

the large groups of The car did not stop to think how they can grow to be more competitive and save money in the development of their cars. It is logical to see how some brands eat other, as if they are in a position of superiority have you take advantage of it. The last example is the purchase of Opel and Vauxhall on the part of the French group PSA. The signature of the beam will give the consortium gaul the necessary volume to save you money and will open the doors of other markets.

once in a when we face situations like the one we live when Audi took control of Ducati. The Italian brand of motorbikes was not going through its best moment and the Group Volkswagen AG authorized its signature premium to get hold of this candy. Its cost was 860 million euros in the year 2012 however, now that your financial situation is better it will be for a few milloncejos more.

Grupo Volkswagen

As we all know the Dieselgate is forcing the makers of the Volkswagen Group AG to restructure its industrial plans. Within this Ducati represents nothing, because they are not specialists in bikes. However, the acquisition of the firm was not to focus or engage in the manufacture and sale of motorcycles, but to use it as an investment in the future. Buy cheap to sell expensive, this is the basic rule of speculation in this and all markets.

because of the Dieselgate the consortium German is seriously thinking of parting with it. The rating that you are doing for the company is located in the 1.5 billion euros (almost the double of what it cost them) so they sell for this money the play I would be more than round. To contrast this assessment is carried out by Volkswagen with the reality, , the Investment Bank, Evercore will evaluate the offers it receives the group German for Ducati and investigate the real value of the Italian firm.

we Will see who is done with the reins of Ducati and the price you pay for it. In addition, it also remains to be seen if the Volkswagen Group disposes completely of his capital in the Italian firm, or if you keep a portion for what might happen in the future.

Source – Automotive News