Volkswagen AG will have to answer to the National court for fraud and crime against the environment

The consequences of fraud of the diesel engines of Volkswagen, far from being mitigated, continue to accrue. Now is the Audiencia Nacional in Spain, which has announced the opening of an investigation (before imputation) to the company Volkswagen AG, that is to say, the group car English. The investigation is due to what is put forward by its Spanish subsidiary, Volkswagen-Audi Spain, in its first allocation, by recognizing that the engines affected the develops and manufactures Volkswagen AG in Germany.

it has been decided by the judge of the Audiencia Nacional Ismael Moreno, in charge of the investigation of the fraud of the diesel handled the Volkswagen Group. Now it will be Volkswagen AG who will have to appoint in Spain to a person that has the representation, barristers and solicitors.

The crimes for which will be investigated to Volkswagen AG are fraud, fraud grant, and crime against the environment. And the object of the crime, as we already knew last year, is not other that the software responsible for altering the operation of the engine in approval testing to get a satisfactory result in the quantification of their emissions of NOX.


Recall that this cause was initiated following the filing of various complaints by the Union Clean Hands, and the International Association of anti-Fraud for the Defense of Affected Engines Volkswagen. The objective is focused on determining the responsibility of Volkswagen-Audi Spain and Volkswagen AG in the fraud, which is already recognised, and to determine the appropriate sanction.

In the case of SEAT SA, we know that the Prosecutor’s office has also settled the guilt for dirig√≠rsela to Volkswagen AG. Understanding that, such as Volkswagen-Audi Spain, is a company dependent of the group automobile German, so that the subsidiaries of Spanish do not behave as watertight compartments, but are subordinate to the leadership of Germany.

beyond sanctions on individuals, the cost of the repair of the cars, and even the million-dollar compensation and buybacks that are underway in the united States, probably the problem of Volkswagen in these times is no other than the possibility to start parallel investigations, at the national level, in each of the markets in which they have marketed their diesel engines fraudulent.

Source: General Council of the Judiciary

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