Volkswagen already has a solution for their souped-up engines

TDI AudiSeems to be that the scandal Dieselgate of the emissions of Volkswagen progresses and the group already has a solution for the motors TDI EA 189 of 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0 liters. Recall that there are 11 million of these engines affected by 8.5 of them in Europe, and that have a device that alters the behavior of the engine in the approval process to reduce NOx emissions.

Volkswagen has sent the proposal for the improvement for the three engines to the Federal Authority for Transport in germany, the KBA. Now it will be this agency that to evaluate the proposed solutions by the brand for this start to run the updates on the cars. As already suspected, some engines are solved with a simple software upgrade, while others need to replace or add elements.

Motor 2.0 TDI Volkswagen Passat Estados Unidosengines 1.2, and 2.0 TDI will be the easier will be the solution, since everything will be limited to a software update of the engine, an operation that does not take long to carry out on a official dealer. Engines 1.6 TDI, instead, they come out worse off. In addition to precise a software update, it will also be necessary replace the injectors and install a catalyst of higher dimensions. Apparently, the solution does not pass through the AdBlue, so that does not increase future maintenance costs.

Now Volkswagen is facing another problem, which is the supply and the control of appointments to be able to carry out all the repairs. It is estimated that up to September will not be repaired all the cars. 3.6 million units equipped with the engine 1.6 TDI affected by the scandal Dieselgate.

Skoda escándalo motores TDI DieselgateNow, Volkswagen has not detailed yet that is what the owners of the cars affected want to know How will affect the updates of the TDI engines EA 189?. Following the principle of operation of the system, which recycles most of the exhaust gas so that explosions and the temperatures reached in the combustion chamber are lower, everything points to at least consumption could be increased.

Source – Automotive News