Volkswagen already has the solution for your diesel engines affected (will not be quick, nor easy)

The last month as we looked at the possible solutions that required Volkswagen to solve your problem with NOx. Solutions, which are not only applicable to the case of the fraud of the TDI, which I we’ve been talking at length for weeks, but also the bulk of the industry. These are the solutions to which have resorted the manufacturer to meet the emission regulations, the european, the american, and the present in other markets. The biggest problem comes at the point in which we talk about solutions that sometimes are not simple, require the installation of systems relatively advanced and, above all, are to be applied on models that did not use these solutions when they were manufactured.

it Is expected that most engines will resolve your issue with a few software tweaks. In contrast, the engines 1.6 TDI could face solutions also require technical modifications as relatively important.

Recall that Volkswagen is working on different solutions for diesel engines between 1.2 and 2.0 liters of displacement. In Europe there is a total of 8.5 million vehicles are affected, all of them equipped with engines of the family AD 189. To the satisfaction of Volkswagen, and also of its customers, the majority of the engines could solve the problem with a setting in the software, for which we do not yet know more details. The engines 1.2 TDI still would not have been resolved, according to Automotive News. But in any case, your solution also will come soon. These solutions would still have to be approved by the department of transport of Germany, the KBA, which would already have received all the details to follow the procedure.

The big problem is now precisely in engine 1.6 TDI, which not only will require some adjustments of the software, but also technical changes of importance.


What amendments will require the engines 1.6 TDI?

As I came forward, in the worst case Volkswagen would require the installation of systems of pollution are more advanced, probably systems AdBlue. That could be the case of the 1.6 engine TDI, which would need new injectors and the installation of a converter catalytic, a system AdBlue, to ensure that its emissions of NOx to comply – now yes – with the legality. We think that a system AdBlue requires a catalyst after the exhaust manifolds of the engine, as well as a reservoir to store and refill the liquid used for the catalytic reaction, the AdBlue.

If the KBA approves the solutions of Volkswagen, in brief we could get to know more details, this time official, about the solutions that will require each engine. So that at the end of November or mid-December, all customers would know the solution to which will require your motor, and would begin the process of revisions in the official repair shop of the red Volkswagen. The process, given the complexity of the solution that will require some engines, it could expand throughout the coming year.

in the meantime we will continue waiting for more details.

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