Volkswagen already reigns as group plus seller in 2016

Grupo Volkswagen

2016 ten days ago, that ended and now turn to review the major events that have occurred in the automotive sector in that period. One of the more desire we have to know is what brands, or groups industrial most sold in the world and if in the first ten positions, there are variations. General Motors has for years been the absolute queen of the world-wide sales, but when the crisis almost leads ahead lost many positions until fall where it is now.

In later years, Toyota snatched the position and Volkswagen was after it for destronarla as soon as possible. Well, the Volkswagen Group has achieved close 2016, with 10.1 million cars and that makes it worthy of the throne of the marks (in this case group) more sold. Toyota is left with the second position, but not the signature japanese has done a poor year as it has managed to enroll a total of 9,94 million cars.

Volkswagen Polo Beats

According to Focus2Move the Dieselgate it seems that has not affected the sales of the German consortium and as a test is that they have managed to overcome the barrier of 10 million cars sold in the year prior to 2020. However it is worth mentioning that the scandal of the emissions signature is far from being solved and during 2017 we might still be discovering new things that would lose his throne.

Closes the podium of honor of the most sold brands in the world the Renault-Nissan Alliance with more than 8.5 million cars sold. In four place we found to the south Korean Hyundia and Kia which 8,17 million cars are very close to arrebatárles the position of the group franco-japanese. The former queen of the circus, General Motors, had to settle in 2016, with a meritorious fifth place and a few sales of 7.9 million units.

The following five firms (or groups) of closing the top 10 are the following: Ford Motor Company (6.2 million), Honda (4.9 million), Fiat Chrysler Automobile FCA (4.8 million), Group PSA (3.2 million) and Suzuki (2.8 million).

As a curiosity to mention that the Volkswagen Group manages to be the most seller in the world and in addition repeated title with the Volkswagen Polo as is the small car most sold in the world.

Source – Focus2Move

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