Volkswagen also has falsified the CO2 emissions in some cars

Volkswagen CO2 Dieselgate has not done more to start. If we thought that Volkswagen had enough, this week the EPA has been accused of tweaking their engines V6 TDI 3.0-litre, but no one imagined that this could, yet, go to worse. Has been the Volkswagen Group that has reported, by showing the transparency that was promised, that some of its models have also falsified the CO2 emissions.

During the investigation that is underway, Volkswagen has detected irregularities beyond the emissions of NOx, which is even more serious because the taxes on the car have more in account the CO2. In the case of Spain, the Registration tax is governed on the basis of this pollutant gas. The Volkswagen Group considers that this new chapter of the scandal Dieselgate could affect about 800,000 cars.

Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI 150 CVVolkswagen has anticipated that this new discovery could bring to the company a additional costs of 2,000 million euros. They have promised to work closely with the competent authorities to clarify this new case and to act accordingly in order to comply with the laws required. CO2 emissions are directly linked with the consumption, by which the figure of approval of expenditure of fuel would also be fraudulent.

On this occasion, the statements made ridiculous to the Minister of Industry of Spain, José Manuel Soria, take on all their meaning. The Minister said that he would pay Volkswagen the aid received by the Plan PIVE, something that might happen on the basis of this new finding that affects the CO2, but that he could not do with the NOx, since they do not have in mind. You could also stiffen the punishment for Volkswagen forcing you to pay for the IM deducted in many cases, if it proves that with the CO2 emissions of final pass of stretch.

For the moment, no more information about this new scandal, which will keep you informed.

Source – Volkswagen