Volkswagen also wants to build a gigafactoría batteries as a Tesla


After the fiasco at the global level with the diesel, Volkswagen wants to clean up its image-based to expand its range of eco-friendly vehicles with the electrification of their propulsion systems as the main technology. To be able to sell a large number of electric and hybrid vehicles cost-effectively as think of a strategy that soon will propose formally to its board of directors.

Volkswagen wants to build your own Gigafactory battery, as it has done for Tesla in the past few years. The VAG Group has also become aware of the need to get own supply of battery packs. Produce them by yourself does not make you depend on your suppliers, LG or Samsung, and to make them in mass the price will be reduced, resulting in a value of sale lower and/or better profit margin.

The German group aims to launch to the market 20 new electric models by 2020 through all of its brands, a first step to be able to reach the one million electric sold until 2025. The main problem of this type of vehicle continues to be its high price, since the autonomy little by little it is leaving to be so, thus it must be reduced as much as possible until they are closer to their counterparts in the combustion.


Sketch of the Gigafactoría Tesla once completed

20 new electric models in four years

A gigafactoría as the Tesla becomes a key piece for this purpose in the medium and long term, as the battery packs are the single most expensive and important of an electric vehicle unquestionably. Tesla had it clear from the outset, all the components produced by themselves and if they wanted to sell a large volume of their electric models in need of a factory huge.

In the case of Tesla, the manufacturing plant (located in Nevada, USA) it has been called Gigafactoría because when it is operating at full capacity will produce a total of 50 GkWh-in-cell lithium-ion battery, a figure that’s in addition to the 35 GkWh for vehicles, Tesla and 15 GkWh for stationary batteries. The budget for this construction is 5,000 million dollars.