Volkswagen and its fun video to promote the Trailer Assist

Volkswagen Trailer AssistDriving with a trailer can be tricky if you do not have much experience, especially when it comes to parking. At the time of , maneuvering with a trailer keep in mind that according to the inclination of the same, when we want to direct you towards one side will have to turn the steering wheel to the opposite. This in many cases can put the nerves to the drivers with less expertise and may even cause some kind of blow less.

To avoid the problems the Volkswagen Group implements in some of their cars Trailer Assist, system assistance trailers. We tried it on the new Audi Q7. In order to promote this useful functionality, the division Norwegian Volkswagen has released a funny video in which we see a Volkswagen Passat traveling at full speed in reverse and with a trailer. Do you want to know the trick? Don’t miss the videos


The Trailer Assist is a system that works by using the functions of the rear camera and the parking Park Assist. The reverse gear is engaged, if you have a trailer hooked up and you press the Park Assist, the feature is enabled. The driver will not have mas that to control the pedals. The direction will rotate one in function to where we tell us the car that we want to manage the trailer. To do this, the driver rotates the adjustment knob of the exterior mirrors.

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it Is evident that the operation of the Trailer Assist is not as good and fast as shown in the video. The trick is in a car cut in half and hidden in the trailer. The towing vehicle is the one that carries the Volkswagen Passat Variant, and your pilot tells the driver where to turn for the driver of the Passat can do the maneuver in reverse and drive the car without problems. Although it may seem easy, they are maneuvers that require a lot of concentration and practice, especially at the speeds used in the video.

Source – Volkswagen

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