Volkswagen and the PSA Group also prepare better for their R5


The battle between the different manufacturers with a presence in the category R5 not being waged only in the rallies, but that passes hundreds of miles away from each appointment of the WRC. The technical departments and marketing of each brand, working to forced marches to not only provide news in its R5, but to achieve to sell more cars than its rivals. At the end of the R5 have become a fundamental pillar in the budgets of the teams and you can’t leave anything to chance and so, it has become apparent following the presentation of the Ford Fiesta R5 Evo2.

M-Sport is without question the coach that most of performance has been brought to its R5, which was the first structure to have available a R5 in the market. The preparer of Cumbria is without a doubt the team that more R5 has been sold and the arrival of the second evolution of the Ford Fiesta R5 serves the purpose of maintaining that volume of sales. All in all, the announcement of this Evo2 has caused the PSA Group and Skoda Motorsport also announce news to their respective R5. In the case of Skoda, improvements to the Fabia R5 will be standardize in the second quarter of 2017, although the firm has not revealed what these are.

In regards to the Citro├źn DS3 R5 and Peugeot 208 T16
, the two models of the PSA Group, will receive updates in the spring. The two R5
the French have had reliability problems
on a recurring basis, this being
one of its weak points. Two aspects of the retouch are power steering
and the engine
, focus common fault and that has led some pilots to use
the original specifications in place of the kit of 2016. With all the goal
of these improvements is to avoid these mechanical problems and to match the
benefits of the Ford and the Skoda