Volkswagen announces its partnership with Mobileye, for their autonomous cars in Europe


To the left, Professor Amnon Shashua, technical director and ceo of Mobileye; to the right, Dr. Herbert Diess, chief executive of the brand Volkswagen

Volkswagen and Mobileye will form a joint venturejoint venture– exclusive to the european market, in the face of advancing solutions driving autonomously for the German giant. One of the manufacturers that use those systems in production today, it is Tesla, which is based on technology of Mobileye to the “automatic pilot” of the Tesla Model S and Model X.

The sensors of Mobileye are capable of “seeing” in the environment the road markings on the asphalt, signs, objects, static and in motion, etc, The data these sensors generate environment maps, which are processed digitally for the car to be able to “see” where it is moving.

Mobileye also has systems on the market that allow you to add
modern technology cars of any year of manufacturing, installing
a camera in the windshield. So you can have a collision warning
front, announcements of over-the-limit speed, alert of abandonment
of lane involuntary, and so on.
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the main manufacturers of automotive, are moving in
technologies driving semi-autonomous, once they have already begun to
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