Volkswagen announces that the ID will be cheaper than the Tesla Model 3

The brand of cars that you want electrify the automotive sector and win the largest number of customers possible what has to be done by following two paths. The first, offering a few batteries that enable drivers to make travel of more than 250 or 300 miles. The second, selling attractive products at a price not much higher than have their counterparts in an internal combustion engine.

Tesla Motors already has sitting chair with their models in the first aspect. However, in the second they are still a step behind what was originally expected by them. It is also true that the niche market to which they are directed their products is not the generalist, but if you manage to reduce the cost of sale, your success in the market would be even greater.

To achieve this impact, the u.s. firm will start shortly the marketing your Model 3. This saloon, medium size, will have a performance very similar (in terms of autonomy of its batteries) than its big brother the Model S. however, it seems that Tesla will not have a clear path, since the Volkswagen Group contraatacarán with the model ID.

According to the head of corporate strategy of Volkswagen, the prototype ID Concept will hit the market with their weapons very well defined. The first point where tuning will be its price, because, according to estimates Thomas Sedran, will be in the environment of 23 thousand euros, that is to say, about 7 thousand euros less than the american model. But in addition, another point where the germans will work hard to be your design, so, according to the brand, the final model will be true to the concept.

The price announced will be achieved not only because the Volkswagen’s going to make magic with the costs of production (that too) but also takes into account the cost to the poor of the batteries. According to the accounts of the firm, the price of li-ion batteries, today, is in the 150 or 200 euros per kilvatio time, but for when the electric Volkswagen (in three years) should be in the 100 euros per kilowatt hour.

To finish remember that the vehicle ID will be developed on the ultra-modern and modular platform MEB. It will host an electric motor with 170 hp of power and autonomy between recharges of between 400 and 600 kilometres.

Source – Volkswagen

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