Volkswagen anticipates the first sketch of the new Tarek SUV


spy Photos of the new Volks-SUV.

Volkswagen has advanced the first sketch of its new SUV overall, a model that will be released and marketed initially in China to then be released in many other markets, where we will also be manufactured. Although not get to see in Europe, as it occupies a position very similar to that of our T-ROC.

The German firm called for the moment Volks-SUV, in clear reference to the Volkswagen original (the “people’s car”), the Beetle classic. Since this will be a model for many markets and at an affordable price. At the moment it has no name, but in Argentina it is named Tarek, a market in which also will be manufactured, so that for the time being, we’ll refer to him this way, although we can not give you this information as official.

according To the sketch presented by the brand, the new compact SUV will be a sort of reinterpretation of the master lines of the Tiguan to the new size. The front, the only thing that appears in the picture revealed, with lines and basic proportions of the Tiguan, from the grille and the optics front, until the forms of the bumper.


size will be slightly lower than the Tiguan.

The model will be based on the same MQB platform that Tiguan and T-ROC, and by size it should be positioned between both models, so we can expect a sort of mini-Tiguan, with a few changes on the exterior.

In the photos spies that we show in the article we can see one of the units of this model with some touches of camouflage in certain areas, which allows us to get closer to the true proportions of the model, as in the sketch are not real. In terms of their details, the optics and the grill are slightly camouflaged, but the bumper shows us the same lines as the sketch.

The launch of this model will be in China, the first market where it will be available on the Volks-SUV (or Tarek, it is not known) and it is expected that your presentation will be this summer. After its launch in this market will come in 2020 to other locations, such as Russia or the major markets of south america.