Volkswagen are required? to extend the warranty of their diesel cheats

Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group has been a hard blow for the German conglomerate, and the sector of the car world. The trust that clients had deposited over the marks had been lost in the night to the morning, then never could we have guessed that the pollutant emissions of the cars could be manipulated of such form. Therefore, the root of the problem detected in the diesel engines of Volkswagen are conducting research in the middle world.

The problem that exists is that in all countries the legislation is not the same, and where some consumers are over-protected (see united States) or other are almost unprotected (Europe). Therefore, the resolution of this macro case against the environment goes to two rhythms. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean the Volkswagen Group has been to re-buy thousands of cars and in Europe, in the best of cases, only will have to make a few revisions, reprogramming of ecus and little more.

This situation of imbalance is that has made it up to the Commission to the European Parliament the idea that the Volkswagen Group to compensate the european customers affected by the Dieselgate, in addition with the correction of the problem, with another added incentive. To carry out this measure, they would have developed a number of meetings with the European Commissioner for Consumer Protection and they would have put on the table the possibility of offer an extended warranty for vehicles that have been involved in this scandal.

In no time you would have spoken to a financial reimbursement or compensation in form of monetary for the problems caused. However, since the Volkswagen Group is informed that in no time you would have posed this extension of the warranty official vehicles, as they believe that with the modifications that will be done, the problem will be remedied and do not result in new interventions.

For now there is no agreement on how it should behave the Volkswagen Group with its european customers. The German conglomerate is avoiding by all means to compensate their european customers with money, for it would be almost the bankruptcy of the company. This is obviously not the same to attend to the requests of several thousands of customers who number hundreds of thousands. Be that as it may, this situation should already be resolved, but as long as the rulers do not put in the waist to the companies, we will be the consumers who will pay the price of their “oversights ill-intentioned”.

Source – Auto Express

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