Volkswagen arrives in 'red' the Rally of Poland


Argentina, Portugal, and Sardinia. Volkswagen Motorsport accumulates three rallies without a win in what is their worst streak since he made his debut in the Volkswagen Polo R WRC in 2013, which does no more than prove the tremendous superiority of the German brand since its entrance into the World. However, in Volkswagen the only goal is to break with this record and achieve victory in the Rally of Poland, a stage in which the trademark has been imposed during the last two years. In this aspect, S├ębastien Ogier wants to release his fatherhood with his third victory in poland.

S├ębastien Ogier has lived intense days. Between her third-place finish in the Rally of Italy-Sardinia, and the pre-test in the Rally of Poland, the French rider has witnessed the birth of his son Tim. However, it is time to return to action with the clear objective of return to taste the sweetness of victory after adding four podiums in the last four rallies without hitting the jackpot: The Rally of Poland is an event that we look forward all year. It is a rally of high-speed comparable to Finland, so I like his fast tracks”.

In this line, Ogier explained:I Only have positive memories of the Rally of Poland, because we’ve had great successes there in the last two years. In comparison with Italy, the gravel is more consistent and will not be so difficult for our car. Things are very well for our team despite having spent four rallies since our last victory. Even so we have extended our advantage in the championship. In addition, the new situation in my private life gives me additional strength. I never imagined that it would be so wonderful to be a parent, it is overwhelming”.


Jari-Matti Latvala has not been able to be as regular as Ogier, but the finn is the last driver to Volkswagen to get a victory. It was in the Rally of Mexico. In this aspect, the pilot suomi wants to take advantage of his starting position and the characteristics of this test, very near of the Rally of Finland, to achieve a new victory:The Rally of Poland reminds me of Finland, though here the sections are in most terrain open and the surface is a little softer. But in terms of speed, are two rallies are very similar and that are tailored to my style of driving“.

I Think that the stretches fast don’t do so determining the level of traction as in other tests, it is not so crucial. I admit that I had problems to find the proper speed in the last two editions of the Rally of Poland. So I want to improve this time since I have never managed to climb the podium of this test. The second place in Italy fills me with confidence to achieve this, although the competition will be tough” analyzed a Jari-Matti Latvala was fifth as much in 2015 as in 2014 in Poland.

Andreas Mikkelsen had no luck in the Rally of Italy, but
has been second in the last two editions of the appointment Polish:
special in Poland are very fast and fluid
. It is something that I like and I
it should be, because in order to get the most out of the fast is needed
a car that is balanced and that we trust. I have finished second twice in
the Rally of Poland in the last two years
. My goal is to recover the
second position in the general classification and if it is possible to close the gap
with Ogier. Will not be easy, but we will do everything possible to”.