Volkswagen Arteon: their new teasers confirm that it will be very similar to the concept


This is the front of the new Arteon.

The Geneva motor show will be the point of entry of the substitute of the Volkswagen CC, the variant of the stylized of the Volkswagen Passat, which has been in the market since 2008. Of his replacement and we know that they will call Arteon, step back aesthetically to the Passat to become a new, independent model and thanks to the last few teasers of the brand, we can already advance its image.

The new Arteon will be very similar to the Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept, according to new teasers that have been revealed today, the German brand. This conceptual model was presented by the German brand just makes now 2 years old, in the living Room of Geneva of 2015.

The teasers are quite instructive since they show a good portion of the model, and their features and shapes fit perfectly with the prototype 2015. On the picture front we find the intricate play of lines that form the optical front lines with chrome grill. The shapes of these elements are virtually identical.


Teaser of the optical rear of the Arteon.

In the case of the image model, match visually even the shapes of the hood and the size and position of the emblem of the brand. In the case of the image shows part of the rear, while the interior shapes of the elements of the light are not identical, the outer shape and the size of the lens yes that are. The discreet embossed that way the trunk lid is somewhat different, being more curved and concave in the Arteon, and straighter in the case of the prototype.

The C-pillar also appears in this image and looks very similar to the prototype, and of course, the antenna type-fin shark does not appear in the concept of 2015.

The positioning of the new Arteon will be somewhat higher than that of their
. Will have longer wheelbase than the Passat and a
interior more luxurious. Will the mechanical layout and technical
berlina German, but will have equipment most own segment
, as systems of assistance to the driving of the last generation.