Volkswagen, as a brand, fall in global sales for the first time in more than 10 years


In November of 2015 Volkswagen delivered to customers 496.100 cars, in front of the 508.400 got in November of 2014. This implies a fall in year-on-year of 2.4%, and a cumulative fall in the year of 4.5%. From January to November have been delivered 5.335.700 cars, in front of the 5.589.100 in the same period of 2014.

good-Bye to the record sales this year

If we analyze the situation for large markets, in Western Europe there is a rise of 2.4%, and a cumulative annual 5.3% rise. The #Dieselgate not note very much, even though the brand grows below the market average.

If includes central and eastern Europe, and that includes Russia, only climbs 0.7% in November, and 2.5% so far this year. The Russian market has accumulated a annual decline from 38.3%, and that’s a lot, but it is not due to the recent scandals. It is the domestic problem of its economy, not anything else.


not Yet you can buy Volkswagen with a TDI motor in the united States, which has affected their sales, but not in models of gas

In north America the fall is 12.7% in November alone, as we have explained. Here we note the scandal of the Diesel engines, because the sales of these versions are frozen until further notice, and the fall was 24.7% in the united States alone.

This fall is explained in isolation with the “sales stop” the TDI Clean Diesel. I must say that the north american market represents no more than 10% of the cake the brand, so that is not overly representative. If we go to the south, we see that South america has a fall monthly of 43.5% and a cumulative 28.8%.

This market was more important than the north american volume last year, but has gone 57,600 cars in November of last year to 32,500 in 2015. The reason is the deceleration of Brazil, with an annual decline of 36%. Most of what Volkswagen tuition in the southern cone, enrollment in Brazil.


The Volkswagen Gol, without the “f”, is one of the best-sellers in Brazil

The market Asia-Pacific has climbed in November by 7.4%, although annually represents a fall of 4.8%. China is the most important market for Volkswagen, and as more than one may presume, the bulk of the market Asia-Pacific is only China.

The VAG Group, as a whole, has fallen in 2015 1,7%

therefore, even we can not speak of a punishment of consumers of Volkswagen as a result of the various scandals that have appeared. Grow less than the competition in Europe, where we are most sensitive in those topics, but they grow. At the global level, this year Toyota can breathe peacefully, that the germans did not choose because the first place.

The problem of Volkswagen is called economic recession in Russia and Brazil, or a slowdown in China. In developed markets there are no data that throw voices of alarm. Of most concern to managers the listing of the shares of the sales you have been able to lose for the loss of consumer confidence.