Volkswagen Atlas: begins his unveiling with a series of videos


The new Atlas appears even camouflaged.

Volkswagen has already announced the arrival of your new SUV seven-seater, with a video, the first chapter of a series of eight, which if well presented is still camouflaged, we hinted at the new model, which will be positioned between the future Tiguan 7-seater and the Touareg.

This new SUV is aimed primarily at markets such as the united States and China, where this kind of vehicles have a large weight. In fact, despite their apparent size, is similar to the Audi Q7, in America to be framed in the segment Suv of medium size. Being SUVs, Full-Size or large-size models like the Lincoln Navigator or the Ford Expedition.

the presentation of The new Atlas, a name which has not been confirmed yet, it would be in the next Hall of Los Angeles, which is celebrated on the month of November, although there are already those who claim that this week the mark could reveal the new model.


Filtration of the chinese version.

In the video, the brand shows us the Cross Blue concept, the prototype concept which anticipated the forms of the new Atlas, largely based on horizontal lines and straight lines, creating an image very solid and monolithic.

Your final design we were able to see the detail with the filtration of the version that will be sold in China of the new SUV, which will be very similar to that we see in the western markets.

In the new video posted by the brand we can see that, in spite of the camouflage, it is appreciate the same optics that you have the chinese version, inspired by the optical LED of the concept Cross Blue.


Very similar to the Cross Blue concept.

The version for the united States will be assembled in the plant Chattanooga, while that destined for the chinese market will be manufactured by SAIC, the joint venture that holds the Volkswagen in that country.

despite its size, it shares the modular platform MQB with the Tiguan, so it will have a range mechanics similar to this, with the mechanical V6 3.6-liter exclusive to the united States.