Volkswagen becomes the first manufacturer in the world in the worst year of its history


Headquarters of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.

Although it may seem an irony, Volkswagen has managed to become the world’s largest manufacturer precisely in the worst year of its history. , overtaking Toyota two years before the target proposed by the brand in 2009.

That the German firm had a great year already knew, you already have every detail just a few days ago, but had yet to confirm the results of Toyota in 2016 to be able to support that. As with all data in hand, the brand from Wolfsburg can celebrate have become the first manufacturer in the world.

In total, the German group has sold 10.312.400 vehicles in 2016, although it is worth pointing out that in this figure include all the group’s brands, including the division of commercial vehicles of Volkswagen, and the signatures of trucks MAN and Scania.


The new Volkswagen Atlas R-Line, currently only for north America.

With regard to 2015, this has of course to achieve an increase of 3.8 percent, enough to outrun the japanese giant, which has had to conform by 2016 to sell 10.2 million units. If a year ago we would have asked about the possibility of this outcome, the vast majority of the people related with the sector would not have bet on this success.

In fact, many augurábamos a 2016 lousy for the German brand, however, has reached the top in all the key markets. As we told you in your day, Volkswagen has achieved better numbers in the major key markets, including the united states, where he is meant to be a drastic drop. Finally, has managed to improve the figures of 2015 by 0.8 percent in that market, in addition to a 4.0 percent in Europe and a magnificent 9.7 percent in the Asia-Pacific region.

The range 2017 manufacturer’s German has been strengthened rather, with the
arrival of new models like the Atlas or the Tiguan Allspace, as well as the
premiere of several SUVs in some of its brands, such as the Audi Q2 or the
Skoda Kodiaq and Seat Ateca, for what this new year has all
the ballots to be another great year for the group.