Volkswagen bet on the rallycross without forgetting the WRC


Volkswagen Motorsport continues daisy leaf by leaf. The German manufacturer left the WRC in a hasty way, still working for to approve the Volkswagen Polo R 2017 and that this could compete in private hands. Although the team did not comply with the date of the approval, initial planned for January 1, that does not mean that the World Rally Car German not be able to compete this season. All in all, Sven Smeets recognizes that for such purpose there is to find an investor, you will finish outlining the negotiations with the FIA and receive the unanimous support of the rest of the manufacturers participants in the World Rally.

Sven Smeets recognizes that the choice of Qatar and Nasser Al-Attiyah is stop, but the formation of German handled other proposals private with the aim of being able to to see the Polo R WRC 2017 for the first time in the Tour de Corse, a test that will be held in April. In this aspect, Smeets explains that there are several units of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017 ready to compete, although the negotiations are carried on with calm and is not intended to expedite its approval. However, the team that put at stake the Volkswagen Polo R WRC has the challenge of operating as a manufacturer without appear in the constructors.


Where is no doubt in the involvement of Volkswagen
Motorsport in the World Rallycross
after the announcement of the creation of a structure
with support from the German manufacturer that will compete Petter Solberg and Johan
. The champion of World Rallycross and the current runner-up in the category join
forces on two Volkswagen Polo RX on a computer that will be Fran├žois-Xavier Demaison, maximum responsible for the design and development of the Polo R
WRC 2017, as well as a good number of technicians and engineers recycled the project
in the World of Rally and join the cause.

A solid project that will count not only with the support of Volkswagen
Motorsport, but also Volkswagen Sweden and Monster Energy, this last
as personal sponsor of Petter Solberg. The team will have three
units of the Volkswagen Polo RX, one of them dedicated exclusively to the test.
These ingredients plus the presence of two of the fastest riders of the
specialty promise placing Volkswagen Motorsport as one of the
references of the championship
and all with a reduced cost in relation to the
huge budgets are handled in the WRC and more, with the advent of the new
generation of World Rally Cars.