Volkswagen breaking records in 2016 despite the Dieselgate, who said, “Annus horribilis”?


The Volkswagen Group has revealed its sales data over the past year, and yes, they are amazing. Have been sold 10.312.400 vehicles, including the brands Volkswagen (passenger cars and CV), Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Porsche, MAN and Scania. With respect to 2015, is an increase of 3.8%.

Never before has Volkswagen had sold so many vehicles

we Might think that consumers have punished the Group by the scandal of diesel emissions, but the figures do not say it or much less! In Europe sales were up 4%, in north America less, but have risen, and in the Asia-Pacific region have gone up a lot. In South america there is a decline but it has nothing to do with the Dieselgate, but with the progress of their economies.

Volkswagen enters in the select group of manufacturers that have surpassed the 10 million units of vehicles a year, which for the moment are Toyota (about 10.1 million), the new alliance between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, and General Motors will be a little below. The final results of the Toyota you don’t know yet, nor those of their rivals.


The upgrade of the Volkswagen Golf, one of the novelties of the end of the year

Almost half of the customers of the Group in the past year were chinese, which reminds us that it was a stroke of genius to begin to have a presence in that country at the beginning of its opening to capitalism (in their way) allying with FAW and SAIC. Overall, there was no other, as it set the rules of the chinese leadership.

What started as a re-edition of models obsolete in Europe, such as Santana, has resulted in a very important commercial presence with which the chinese consumer has been identified. In the united States, despite more than 60 years, Volkswagen has had similar success by far. After the Dieselgate the expansion has slowed a lot, and the prestige of the brand has fallen a lot.

In the final throes of the scandal, Volkswagen as a company has admitted to criminal charges before the justice, that you will have to pay of 4,300 million dollars in fines. In addition, seven engineers face trial for his responsibility in having cheated the authorities, and that includes one of the first to pull the rug, James Liang, in exchange for a deal more friendly.


The last global launch of Volkswagen is Tiguan long, that in Europe it will be called Tiguan AllSpace, to win a share in the SUV segment 5+2

Even in Western Europe, where the Volkswagen Group has defrauded the consumer, the sales have gone up virtually the same at the global level. More than 8 million customers have bought a vehicle with a TDI motor of the family EA189, which had to comply with Euro 5, but in practice do not meet, or Euro 3, rules of the beginning of the Century.

unlike the united States, in Europe there are no penalties, or judgments -for the moment-and has not been charged to anyone (only you are investigating)… and the call to hotfix does not solve completely the problem of emissions. On the engines affected, 1.2 TDI CR, 1.6 TDI CR, 2.0 TDI CR, there is no modification of importance: a repro of a half-hour and the installation of a filter air intake on the 1.6.

therefore, it cannot be concluded in any way that the Volkswagen Group has come out brewing the crisis of diesel emissions in Europe, despite the fact that european consumers know that they are going to avoid whenever possible the indemnities in this market. Volkswagen castling in that it is necessary to compensate, the cars do not lose value, and after the modifications, “nothing happens”.

Skoda, the brand of reasonable price, which is better behaved in 2016

If we look at the brands, they have all gone up, except the truck brand MAN, which practically repeated the result of the previous year. It may be that some consumers angry with Volkswagen have changed brands, but have not been enough to do any damage really to the company.

In fact, there is still a lot of reluctance on the part of customers to take to fix their cars before the fear of losing benefits, consume even more or worse reliability. According to the certification authority of germany, the KBA, nothing that’s going to happen, and cars can be upgraded without any fear.

Unless major surprise, Volkswagen is the first world producer of cars, beating the Toyota in about 200,000 vehicles. The germans scored that goal 10 years ago, but they hoped to do so in 2018. By then, General Motors had been working since decades ago the throne of largest manufacturer, and Toyota ahead of them for several reasons, among them that GM was on the verge of breaking. But that is another story…


Volkswagen is already taking up positions on the african continent, with factories in Algeria (coming soon), Kenya, Nigeria and south Africa

Breakdown of sales of the Volkswagen Group in 2016

Deliveries by brand 2016 2015 Change (%)
Volkswagen (passenger cars) 5.987.800 5.823.400 +2,8
Audi 1.871.300 1.803.200 +3,8
Škoda 1.127.700 1.055.500 +6,8
SEAT 410.200 400.000 +2,6
Porsche 237.800 225.100 +5,6
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles 480.100 430.800 +by 11.4
MAN 102.200 102.500 -0,2
Scania (figures provided) 80.800 76.600 +5,5
Volkswagen Group (total)