Volkswagen Budd-e Concept, the spirit Bulli of the TWENTY-first century

as we were
waiting has been presented to the Volkswagen Budd-e Concept at CES in Las Vegas in 2016. This prototype, medium
way between van and minivan, presents to us the spirit of always
remembered Bulli before brought into the TWENTY-first century. A great creative work and

classic Style brought to the present. We like the design of the Budd-e Concept

Described by the own Volkswagen as a minibus, the Budd-e
Concept features an exterior design very futuristic
. The front-end, quite
square, with a grid of generous proportions, headlights LED, and the
as regular illuminations day in a C-shape typical of the units GTE
of the German mark.

beyond the front us discover surfaces, very scarce in
details, surfaces not present not present or handles, although
yes, enhance the overall aesthetic and bring a touch of robustness to the design.
Finally the rear is just as clean as the rest of the car, with a few
headlights tremendously eye-catching that’s for sure.

But it is the inside that really have to surprise us. Going to make mention of the old Bulli, the Budd-e Concept, presented to us a cabin quite profligate in terms of the classical concept of an interior. Swivel seats, continuous benches, and a lot of surface digital, because in reality we are looking at a platform of the future.


The interior will be a salon, where communication will be the main target

this is how Volkswagen designed the mobility of tomorrow. It is worth noting the almost complete absence of buttons. Everything will be carried out as gestural and / or tactile, since the opening of the doors, the handling of the sound equipment, and connectivity. Since the latter is one of the main features of the Budd-e.

To propel, Volkswagen has decided to continue building on the success of their units GTE. Underbody and aseptic interior minimalist lies an entirely new platform, specially designed for electric vehicles and so-called MEB, in addition to a propellant completely electric.

Volkswagen claims that this new configuration will not only be able to improve the performance of future electric drives, but also will work miracles in terms of habitability. By the time we know that the Budd-e Concept would be able to go 600 miles on a single charge battery. Not bad.

An electric motor is responsible for driving the Budd-e Concept