Volkswagen Caddy Edition 35, more style for the small van German

Volkswagen Caddy 35 EditionThe Volkswagen Caddy is not one of the cars most desired among the firms racing German, not even within the own Volkswagen. However, it is a car , aimed primarily at the business, so its importance to the brand is bigger than anything we could think of at first.

As we have said, a Volkswagen Caddy is mainly intended to companies, so that this edition 35, which pays tribute to the 35 years of life of the German model, we have been amazed by its bold and unusual styling. The mark of the “people’s car” wants to enter to your buyers for the eyes though, surely, there are buyers looking to use more family labour.

The Volkswagen Caddy Edition 35 difference in your exterior easily of the regular versions by incorporating, a body bittern with roof in high-gloss black, moldings, and door handles in body colour and attractive alloy wheels with a diameter of 17-inch that put a point of sportsmanship in the whole exterior.

Volkswagen Caddy 35 Edition interior has not been less, and Volkswagen has also worked in search for differentiation with respect to the versions of more conventional Caddy. Brings with it a upholstery in leather with contrast stitching, multifunction steering wheel, cam to the gear change in the versions automatic DSG, and a good number of items and optional systems to complete your equipment.

like the rest Volkswagen Caddy, this edition is offers both a commercial version as in a version for passenger. Will debut soon in Hannover, Germany, next to the Volkswagen Caddy TGI Natural Gas in an event of commercial vehicles. prices for Germany are 22.312 dollars on the commercial version and 26.721 euros in the variant passengers. The variant TGI Natural Gas to which we referred will have a price in Germany of 24.859 euros. There should not be too much variation compared to the prices that they will arrive to Spain.

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