Volkswagen celebrates 35 years of Goal


Volkswagen-Gol-G1 V olkswagen is celebrating 35 years of Gol in Brazil . It is a product designed specifically for the Brazilians, who later reached other international markets. The hatchback was released on May 8, 1980 and has already accumulated [1.99901 million] 8.7 million units produced , of which 7,755,071 were produced in Brazil and the rest in other countries such as Argentina .

During 27 consecutive years has been privileged to be [1.99901 million] the best selling car in Brazil , where already totals 6,581,972 units sold and 1.2 million units exported to 66 countries . Within the Volkswagen Group, is the eighth most-produced model after the Golf, Beetle, Jetta, Polo hatchback, Passat, Transporter and Audi A4.

Born in 1980, the first VW Gol used an air-cooled engine of only 47 cv.

The project was initiated in 1976 and developed taking into account local conditions of use, along with the needs and aspirations of Brazilian consumers, emphasizing the strength, durability and economy .

All this was combined with the ability to transport five and their luggage in comfort, while it was equipped with a modern and balanced, able to capture the attention of the public appearance. To baptize, was used name with deep emotional connection in a country where the passion for football transcends the limits of the sport.

The first goal was an air-cooled engine 1,300 cc and 47 horsepower, derived from the Volkswagen Beetle, and a four-speed manual transmission. Aesthetically was inspired by the Passat was very successful at the time.

The second generation came in 1994, the third in May 1999 and the fourth in August 2005. Finally, the fifth and current generation debuted in 2008.

The goal was the first vehicle of Volkswagen Brazil to give birth to family of devices . Del hatchback derived sedan [1.99901 million] Voyage family [1.99901 million] Paraty and the van [1.99901 million] Saveiro. In the 1980s, the Parati was a success among Brazilian middle class families as a result of its practical design, interior and mechanical reliability.



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