Volkswagen clinched his agreement with the justice in California


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One of the open fronts of Volkswagen with the justice system in the united States is the advertising misleading, while the other front is that of the violation of the norms of federal emissions and State of California. Little by little, go reaching court settlements that puts concrete numbers to the issue.

California is within the united States, the region’s most important and rich, where more cars are registered. In fact, of the more than 550,000 cars that Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche sold in the country with diesel engines are “souped-up”, a few 86.000 ended up in California.

This state is the more restrictive of the Union in terms of environmental regulations because it also suffers a high rate of pollution. The metropolitan areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles are very large and support a huge traffic. The competent body in this matter is the California Air Resources Board (CARB).


2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Clean Diesel

For years, California was a barrier of entry with its own rules for diesel engines, since there were no models capable of complying with it. In 2008 came the technology Clean Diesel by Volkswagen, BMW and DaimlerChrysler (Mercedes), compatible with all states, including California.

These manufacturers are presumed to have diesel engines that could be sold in any region of the united States, as meeting the standards. In the case of Volkswagen, it turned out to be a fraud, because the engines were programmed to do traps in the approval process.

The CARB is one of the losers of the “Dieselgate”, and his revenge already has consequences at a judicial level. In July, presented a preliminary agreement between the two parties, the State and Volkswagen, which has been endorsed by attorney general Kamala Harris. This type of agreement does not imply to accept guilt, they are friendly.


in Addition to 14.700 million dollar lawsuit for violating environmental regulations, Volkswagen will have to pay the State of California $ 86 million. On the other hand, you may not advertise, market, rent, or distribute any car that has the diesel engines are “souped-up”. There will be a follow-up to ensure that this remains so.

Of that amount, $ 10 million will go to local agencies and academic institutions precisely to avoid that there may be another “Dieselgate” in the future, and funding will also be allocated to finance the judicial investigation. The funds will also be used to control the public health consequences of the emissions of the vehicles.

In total, Volkswagen has to pay 603 million in settlements with the prosecutors from the various states of the country, among which is California. New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland made war on its own, outside of this package of agreements.


┬┐And now, what? Volkswagen has pending to present technical solutions so that those cars can be modified and legalized, or else you will end up all in the scrapyards. Owners can choose between being compensated now, and that Volkswagen is your car, or wait until there’s a solution. If not in 2018, will be compensated equally.

Only in the case of engines, 2.0 TDI, add a few 475.000 units, almost half of the affected customers have requested the repurchase of the car and the return of the money. It takes into account the value of the vehicle date of September 2015, so as not to affect your trading negatively.

Those of 210,000 cars will be unemployed until they can be legalised and be traded again. The agreement benefits both owners and clients in the regime of leasing. engine 3.0 TDI there is still no agreement judicial, or technical solution. The repurchase of these cars, high-end, it would be especially painful for the Volkswagen Group.