Volkswagen Colour Up!, a fresh touch of color of time in Germany

Volkswagen Colour Up!Between both model in the segment, it seems almost impossible to find an alternative that does not include among its options a strong program of customization. Now comes the Volkswagen Colour Up!, a model where the colorful and exclusivity play the key role and that, for the moment, we do not know whether it will reach the Spanish market.

On the basis of the Up! it is played with the colorid, and the brand aims to combine your car with up to 5 different. We can decorate the car in White and Red, Black, and Red, Blue and Yellow, Black and Yellow or Silver and Yellow. In any case, there is always a colour for the body and another for the details.

Volkswagen Colour Up!Precisely details that make the difference, and are the 17-inch wheels, the mirrors or the vinyl side, which are made with the power of customization in this car. The Volkswagen Colour Up! it is, without doubt, an alternative more fresh and youthful than any of the other models that populate the range of the Up!.

The interior is not free from this conjunction of colours, and show a characteristic youth of a cabin, well equipped. The base color will be the game in the molding center of the dashboard, while the contrasts in red or yellow is going to do with the finish of the aerators. There is also a upholstery specific according to the combination of color, but also a sports steering wheel and a few mats to play.

Volkswagen Colour Up!For the moment we do not know if the Volkswagen Colour Up! will arrive or not to the Spanish market, but what makes the German. There equipped with series items such as air conditioning, electric windows, sports suspension or the system RadioCD MP3. You can choose the two engines of 60 and 75 horses, and the manual gearbox or automatic. The price in Germany part of 13.275 € .

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Volkswagen Up!

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