Volkswagen confirms it: the TDI engines EA288 Euro V and Euro VI are not affected by the fraud of the TDI

In recent days he had grown the uncertainty around the engines TDI of Volkswagen. For if it was not enough with the 11 million engines (code EA189) affected by the fraud of the NOx emissions, there was news that pointed to the newer engines, sold from year 2012 under the code EA288, could also be affected. But Volkswagen has just announced that neither the engines EA288, or engine type-approved as Euro VI, are affected.

The German agency DPA published today that the engine EA288, successor EA189 of the scandal, was affected by the fraud of the TDI. News that Volkswagen has come out to disprove this afternoon.

Was the own German agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH (the news has been updated, but the Google cache does not forget) today pointed to sources of the brand by ensuring that this engine could have used a new iteration of the defeat device discovered in the united States, and the culprit of the scandal facing the Volkswagen Group from weeks ago.

But Volkswagen has denied such a thing, press release using, ensuring that these engines comply with the european regulations, and their emissions are in accordance with the homologation Euro V and Euro VI received in the first instance, without any trick that will dilute your result.


  • The engine that pointed to the German agency DPA was precisely the successor to the EA189, EA288, premiered by the Volkswagen Golf VII with 1.6 and 2.0 liters of displacement. The EA288 shares many technical aspects with its predecessor (is in essence the same engine), the EA189, including displacement, bore and stroke cylinder. But, obviously, this generation of engines uses an entirely new electronic, as well as management of injection systems and anti-pollution.

    discovered that these engines have resorted to the same technique illegal defeat device, to get an approval of emissions of NOx by more favourable, the Volkswagen Group would have to face a problem even more. That would have been a proof that the fraud would have been prolonged in the time, and would have discredited the theory of the small group of engineers that still maintains the brand.

    Of time, and according to what is said by Volkswagen, it does not appear that the scandal go to be extended to these engines.

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