Volkswagen could expand its range of models in the united States

Nuevo Volkswagen Tiguan precioWhile we all hoped that the German brand out gradually reducing its model range after the scandal of the dieselgate, now comes a story completely contradictory. As it seems, Volkswagen would be studying to extend their range models in united States, an idea that seems to not marry with that atmosphere of austerity around the planet Volkswagen. And it has been the same Herbert Diess who has confirmed, speaking about the upcoming projects of the company in the country of bars and stars.

few weeks Ago we heard one of those news that are difficult to digest. The Volkswagen group announced that in the next few years would reduce your offer considerably, going from about 340 models to about 300. Versions less sold, models with a market niche more exclusive, or simply those which did not justify an investment, would be removed. Even models such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI had to deal with this new situation, removing her version three doors of the american market.

Nuevo Volkswagen Tiguan precio

Volkswagen Tiguan 2016

But after the statements of Herbert Diess in the Paris motor show everything seems to change. The executive affirms that the brand studies to launch more models in the u.s. territory among those who will be the new Teramont and the facelift of the Volkswagen Tiguan. Both models have something in common, that your body receives a configuration of todocamino, and is that it is not a coincidence since most of these new models that arrive in the u.s. market will be a SUV.

is Still too soon to know if it really Volkswagen will begin selling more models in the united States, but at least the news gives hopes that the next few years in the mark does not serve only to pay fines and restitution, but dare to continue releasing vehicles.

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