Volkswagen could finish the year as the world’s largest manufacturer

Volkswagen Golf GTI MK3The tough battle between the Toyota Group and the Volkswagen Group as the largest car manufacturer in the world comes from far away. Gone are the years in which General Motors was the king of the manufacturers and the group of japanese and German aspired to this position. Now the giant of Detroit is content with being the third or fourth manufacturer in the world and not die in the attempt after the serious crisis that step, and that nearly kills them.

During this year, the Volkswagen Group has already exceeded the Group Toyota as the largest car manufacturer in the world. The difference really is negligible, but we already know that even if it is for one car already earns this title. However, you have to be very cautious and see how it ends this struggle, since, as we have said many times, for selling more will not earn more and there may be the problem.

Toyota Corolla de octava generaciónAccording to Automotive News Europe global sales of the Toyota Group grew during the first nine months of the year, a 0.4 percent. This growth involves sales of 7.53 ami millions of new vehicles among all brands of the group. However, according to the same media, in the same period of the year the Volkswagen Group has increased its global sales in a 2.4 per cent registering 7,61 million cars.

As we can see the difference is minimal, however, the Volkswagen Group has an ace is extremely powerful in your hand. This letter is the chinese market and the excellent results that they are getting in him. Thanks to chinese consumers, the Group is maintaining the type in both sales and income, and that means that you can hold the stakes of the Dieselgate.

If we dissect the sales of this market we can see that per Toyota (or any model of your group) enrolled three are sold Volkswagen (or model of the brands in its group). Therefore, the group and japan will still have to grow in that market as others, such as the american the has controlled.

Will have to wait to see the end of the year and if there is something that changes this trend.

Source – Automotive News Europe

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