Volkswagen CrossBlue 2017: the a SUV seven-seater continues to test


The Volkswagen CrossBlue is a model that will be manufactured in the united States and sold in north America.

on The other side “of the big puddle” continues the incessant development of the new Volkswagen CrossBlue, a SUV seven-seater of which we are still waiting to know its official name and that we have returned to hunt during his morning test session. In these spy photos of the expected VW CrossBlue serve us to give us an idea of the model that we will find a time to be featured in your production version.

Photographed during a test session in the Rocky Mountains, is a model that, as we have been anticipating, will come to do in front of the Toyota Highlander or the Honda Pilot, among others. Anticipating using a prototype of the same name in the year 2013, will be mounted on the MQB platform and its size will be very similar to that of the above-mentioned model of Honda.

Of time, we can’t take a look at its interior, although we must not find us with surprises. Everything points to the passenger compartment of the CrossBlue Volkswagen will be in the line of family Golf. And the same thing will happen with your exterior design. Is more, although some items you are equipped with these test units are not final, conveys the feeling of being in front of a model that is familiar to us.


In the interior of the Volkswagen CrossBlue will find space for seven passengers.

Going to the section mechanic, the engine range of the new SUV seven-seater Volkswagen would be initially made up of two options. In a first moment, we could find a V6 engine of 3.6 liters extracted directly from the Volkswagen Passat, while on the other hand, there would also be a engine 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder.

it has Also been speculated with the possibility of getting to see a hybrid variant plug-in. Serial, all models will be offered in a configuration of front-wheel drive, although we could optionally opt for an all-wheel drive 4Motion.

¿Where will be made the new Volkswagen CrossBlue? Your production will take place in the factory that the brand has in Chattanooga, a town located in Tennessee (united States). The first units would be ready to arrive at dealerships in the united States and Canada from the spring of 2017. His presentation will take place in one of the lounges of the most important car of north America.

Volkswagen CrossBlue 2017 - foto espía

The front of the Volkswagen CrossBlue at the detail in this photo spy.

yes, for the moment Volkswagen does not rule out its possible
introduction in other markets, although we can
clear the idea of a possible landing in Europe
. And is that here the SUV seven-seater just
generated sales. Your price will be in the first positions of the list of the
most expensive cars of Volkswagen in the USA.