Volkswagen does not close the door to a Arteon more practical and dynamic

Volkswagen Arteon - foto espía

Photo spy of the Volkswagen Arteon.

The development of Volkswagen
enters its final straight. In just a few months you will have place putting
long world in the Geneva Auto show in march 2017. The manufacturer
German, recently confirmed his name as well as the event in which it will be
presented to society. We will be at the new flagship of Volkswagen, and
although your body type “fastback” four-door will be your main
attractive, the company already makes it clear that you do not close the door to other

In particular, and according to the statements of Elmar-Marius Licharz, Head of Product Line-General of Volkswagen, the brand is not closed to develop a variant more practice with a body type “Shooting Brake”. Although, for this possibility to materialize, they have to be a number of factors. The first, and most obvious, is that the own Volkswagen Arteon have the expected success.

“if we are going to create some model derived from the Volkswagen Arteon, we will need a good base. We believe that a variant Shooting Brake could work very well. However, first we will have to wait and see how the sales of the Arteon to subsequently decide whether to embark or not in another project”.

Volkswagen Arteon - boceto

Volkswagen we anticipate the line of the Arteon with this sketch.

The new Volkswagen Arteon will not reach the dealerships europeans until the end of next year. A model which will be very far from the Volkswagen CC current (which has recently been discontinued). Measured a few 4,90 metres long and its starting price will be about 35,000 euros. Therefore, it will be more big and exclusive that the Volkswagen Passat.

design, influenced by the Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Concept, will present a line with an accented character coupe wrapped in a great blanket of luxury. The finishes and materials used shall be of first quality. At a technological level will be also as one of the maximum exponents of the German manufacturer.

¿And what is the range of engines? we Can anticipate that it will be composed by blocks of four cylinders on fed. There will be available in both options of diesel and petrol. And later it was bid a hybrid variant plug-in the line of the latest models “electrified” of Volkswagen. Depending on the engine we will be able to opt for a manual gearbox or automatic DSG. The all-wheel drive 4Motion will be present.