Volkswagen e-Crafter, the great industrial power German

Volkswagen e-Crafter Concept 1

The strategy of electrification of the Volkswagen Group seems to be that not only affect their range of cars. It is true that we already have presented so conceptual how could be the future vans electric of the group (only for passengers). However we still do not know, definitively, which will be its first commercial vehicle of power outage. The German conglomerate is going to betting very strong for this technology and taking advantage of the rest of the group’s brands are presenting new cars of this kind the division of industrial vehicles do not want to get behind.

The idea of having a commercial vehicle to pure battery driven is not new within the group. This was advanced at the last IAA Commercial Vehicles held in Hanover in September of last year. At this appointment the management of the Volkswagen Group have already advanced this idea with the e-Crafter. However it has not been until now that we have some more data on this peculiar vehicle for the work.

Volkswagen e-Crafter Concept

Focusing on the main technical data, the Volkswagen e-Transporter (his name is not yet final but will not be e-Crafter as I thought) would be driven by a engine completely power with a 100 kilowatt of power, or what is the same about 135 hp of the of a lifetime. The torque engine that develops this engine is 290 Nm, and as maximum speed can reach a to 80 kilometers per hour (speed is limited).

If we go by the previous prototype, the e-Crafter, the autonomy between recharges of the vehicle may vary between 200 and 400 kilometres. In addition, the process to recharge the batteries could be enhanced for could be charged up to 80 per cent in just thirty minutes. In this way the labors of job with this vehicle will become much more interesting since it would allow their drivers do not waste a lot of time in work-load of the battery.

To finish we must mention that according to Dr. Eckhard Scholz, Chairman of the Board of management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the first units this vehicle should be in the street by the end of this year. In the meantime we have to wait.

Source – Inside EVs