Volkswagen e-Golf 2017, with more power and up to 300 km of autonomy


Is of way a major update to the Volkswagen e-Golf, that will come to the end of 2016, providing greater autonomy, batteries of greater capacity and more power. As you’d advance a few months ago, the Volkswagen e-Golf in 2017 will be much more competitive and interesting, rounding out an interesting alternative to traditional cars, combustion or hybrid.

Next to the Volkswagen Golf 2017, which will premiere ‘restyling’ in the last months of the year, the Volkswagen e-Golf 2017 you will also receive significant improvements. Maintaining the same platform of the current model, will be incorporated around batteries of higher capacity: 35,8 kWh, assuming a considerable jump with respect to the 24,2 kWh of the current model.


This increased total capacity has been achieved through improvements in the individual cells, moving from the 28 amp current to yield 37 Ah without the need to increase its size. Thanks to this, the new e-Golf will have a extended runtime up to 300 kilometers with a single recharge their batteries, according to the cycle of type-approval NEDC european.

This figure equals or exceeds that of the new BMW i3 (with 33 kWh and about 300 km of autonomy) and Nissan Leaf 30kWh (up to 250 kilometres), but the improvement will also be very considerable with respect to the current e-Golf, which offers approximately 190 km of autonomy. Not end here the news, that the your electric motor you will see an increase in their power from the 115 HP (85 kw), to the 163 CV (120 kW), which will allow higher performance.


The Volkswagen e-Golf 2017 will be on sale in Europe in the last weeks of this year, and only be placed on the market, this new version: the current model with battery 24.2 kWh will be sold, unlike what happens with the BMW i3 or Nissan Leaf, in the older versions will co-exist in the catalogue -for the moment – with the most modern, that include these batteries with more capacity.