Volkswagen e-Golf Touch, about the gestural control

Volkswagen e-Golf Touch Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas opens its doors and the technology is one of the main protagonists. Exactly one year ago in this same event we could see the presentation of the Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept is an eye-catching prototype which had its main novelty in the interior, as it had an infotainment system that included the gestural control.

The bavarian manufacturer returns to the fray with this concept and integrates it into this Volkswagen e-Golf Touch. After a year, it seems that this multimedia system controlled by gestures is a lot more close to getting to production and is expected to be the next generation of the Golf. This system has been presented on a screen of 9.2 inches which has a resolution of 1,280 x 640 pixels,

Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept

Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept

This screen will be fully configurable and each driver will be able to choose the preferences you want. It also includes a connectivity to the height, being able to link your smarthphone using MirrorLink, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. The voice control has been improved and from Volkswagen hope that this aspect is available in Europe at the beginning of this summer.

The multimedia system for the e-Golf Touch allows you to charge your smarthphone without cables by using a system of inductive load implemented in the tray located underneath the touch screen. But not only will be available for the driver, but that has also been installed in the armrest in the rear, so passengers can charge their mobile phones in the same way.

All of your settings can be saved in the cloud using Volkswagen Car-Net ID and so to be able to remember these parameters in other vehicles. It features an entertainment system that allows you to control some functions from the rear seat using a tablet. Also includes a USB port type C to transfer data quickly.

Source – Volkswagen

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